University of Zurich

The Center of Experimental Rheumatology is at the Department of Rheumatology, University Hospital Zürich. The Center studies the molecular and cellular aspects of rheumatic diseases within a clinical setting. For its achievements the Center was awarded from the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) the status of a “Center of Excellence in Rheumatology” from 2005-2020.

Emphasis of the research in our institute

files/Home/Key Aspects of Project Groups/Uni Zurich/image-uni-zurich-1-small.pngThe research of the Center is focused on the epigenetics, including acetylation, methylation, sumoylation and microRNAs of rheumatic diseases. It is embedded into four EC funded research projects, including the 11 Mio Euro EC FP7 MASTERSWITCH project (2008-2013). Most importantly, the Center participates also in a EUR 34 Mio Euro European investment project for research and innovation, funded from 2010-2016 by the EFPIA and the European Union under the Innovative Medicines Initiative IMI BTCure platform. The Consortium aims to combine academic excellence with industrial innovation towards the development of new methods for early prediction, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

The Center is also active part of the EC Marie Curie Training Network OsteoImmune (2012-2016) and the EC Euro-TEAM on Novel Biomarkers  (2012-2016).

Contribution of our institute to iAR project since 2009 until today and in the future

files/Home/Key Aspects of Project Groups/Uni Zurich/image-uni-zurich-2-small.pngThe Center contributes with a “State of the Art” infrastructure to perform molecular and cellular studies in rheumatic diseases. All equipment is optimally maintained and upgraded as needed.

The Center is embedded into the Center for Clinical Research (ZKF)at the University Hospital in Zürich  and thereby involved into strong interdepartmental translational research with, for example,  cardiology, pulmology and gastroenterology.

In being part of the Center of Human Physiology at the University of Zurich (ZIHP) and the teaching in Human Biology there is access to bright young students for achieving Master and PhD degrees. The Center is also specialized in training and hosting gifted international fellows and students from Europe as well as the USA and Japan.

Our team working for iAR

Eleven fellows and 8 PhD students are supervised by senior researchers and supported through iAR, the funds are in particular for novel equipment and research supplies for complex epigenetic research.