Financial Resources

The initial 10 MCHF donation was the seed of the ambitious project to set up a Centre of Excellence in Arthritis Research in Switzerland. With an innovative and well balanced fundraising initiative we expect to receive financing from following sources:

  • Public authorities
    Public financial support will be solicited from NSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) as well as international granting agencies.
  • Pharmaceutical corporations
    Considering the costs for the public health-systems it is likely that the pharmaceutical industry will have an interest in such research initiative.
  • Industrial and financial corporations
    Firms associated with the health-sector may wish to “hold a foot in the door”.
  • Swiss and international foundations
    There are very potent foundations in Switzerland and abroad, which engage in projects to help reducing hardship and pain of the aging populations.
  • Private High Net-worth Individuals
    Experienced entrepreneurs have made large fortunes, which they might reinvest in projects with potential returns.

Depending on the reactions of our initial contacts, specially designed fundraising products will be offered to attract these target-groups and to fulfill their expectations in terms of sponsorship and/or return through participations in royalties and patents.