All iAR members have active collaborations with several research groups in Europe and the United States. It is the objective to strengthen international collaborations with other groups involved in arthritis research by obtaining common grants. iAR will support international research meetings and student exchanges.



Interaction with Patient Organizations

Patients are the most important beneficiaries of iAR Arthritis research, because many have been waiting for years for improved diagnosis and more effective treatment, such as new medicines to relieve their pain and suffering. Ultimately the aim is to understand the causes of arthritis diseases well enough to prevent illness and provides lasting cures.


Scientific Collaboration

One of the objectives of the IAR is to achieve better and faster research results by working with other institutions for the benefit of patients. Bringing different research units together in the search for improved understanding and treatments of arthritis creates cross-feeding and interdisciplinary learning effects. These are crucial to insight in the complex, multifactorial causes of arthritis diseases.


Drug Discovery

In collaboration with drug discovery companies, iAR is screening existing compound libraries for small molecules able to inhibit or activate key pathways previously identified in the pathological process of arthritis. It is hoped that this analysis will reveal promising molecules which could be used to develop new drug treatments. A first start-up can be expected in a time window of 3-5 years.


Start-up Companies

From the collaboration of the iAR research institutes with drug discovery companies, start-ups companies can emerge for the development and production of promising new rheumatic drugs.