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Welcome to iAR

Turning research into clinical application for arthritis care is our mission. iAR is a tax-exempted association located at University of Lausanne, founded 2009 by four leading research institutions in Switzerland. The aim is to turn research into clinical application for arthritis care. Bone and joint diseases (also termed rheumatic diseases) are a frequent cause of referral to physicians and a major cause of long­term disability. Despite major therapeutic developments during the past decade, a large percentage of patients with inflammatory arthritis do not respond favorably to new treatments. In addition, there is currently no treatment to stop the progression of osteoarthritis and for most patient surgical joint replacement is the only option.

The initial phase for years 2009-2014 was supported with a 10 MCHF donation. For the further development of the iAR research project this fundraising initiative was launched.

Since Fall 2013 a junior group was established in Geneva in accordance with the iAR plans to support arthritis research in Switzerland. The junior group, in addition to the extisting groups, will be a seed for the estabishment of a centralized Institute for Arthritis Research in Geneva that will work in collaboration with all other groups within the iAR network.  

I would like to discuss our specific plans and possible collaboration for the forthcoming years.

Best regards


Head of iAR

Prof. Dr. Cem Gabay
Head, Division of Rheumatology
University Hospitals of Geneva